Welcome to www.petamiko.com (“We”, “us”, “our” or “Petamiko”). Petamiko is a product of Petamiko Services Private Limited.

Petamiko is a tech driven interactive platform for Individuals who are Pet owners or Pet Lovers (Collectively called as “Users”) to have every Pet solution they need, on a single platform whether it’s about finding the right match for your pet (for dating or mating purpose), pet adoption, veterinarian care, setting schedules for pets, or discussing anything related to pets.

We, at Petamiko, want you to feel comfortable and confident while using our products and services. We respect your privacy and appreciate the fact that you have entrusted your valuable information with us.

This privacy policy helps in keeping you abreast with the kind of data that we collect and for what purposes. Please read this privacy policy carefully. By accessing or using the website, you agree to be bound by the terms described herein and all the terms incorporated by reference. If you do not agree to all of these terms, do not use the website.

This Privacy Policy (“Policy“) is made, and hosted in accordance with the following Information Technology Laws,

a.  Information Technology Act, 2000

b.  Rule 3(1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011.

c.   Rule 4 of the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information) Rules, 2011

This Policy document is an ‘electronic record’ within the meaning of section 2(t) of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the rules made thereunder. This Policy being an electronic record requires no signature.

This Policy should be read in conjunction with the “Terms and Conditions of Use” of Petamiko which are deemed to have been incorporated herein by way of reference.


 In this privacy policy:

-          The term "Service" refers to the Services by Petamiko, including without limitation to Petamiko website www.petamiko.com, the Petamiko service, or any applications (including mobile applications) made available by Petamiko, use of Petamiko’s Web and Mobile Applications in their entirety and of online community, blog and forum.

-          Digital Platform means the websites, mobile apps, mobile sites or other online properties through which we offer our Services.


1.      Usage

This Policy conveys the mode, method and manner in which Petamiko collects, stores and disseminates the Personal Information (“Information”) from the Users (hereinafter referred to as “User” “Users” or “you”). For the purpose of this Policy User(s) shall mean such individuals who are competent to contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872 and wish to subscribe to the Services (offered by Petamiko by itself or through third party service providers) on this Digital Platform by visiting this Digital Platform, Petamiko therefore requests the Users on this Digital Platform, to carefully and comprehensively read and understand the Policy before they consent to the terms herein and start using or accessing this Digital Platform or subscribing to any of the Services offered through this Digital Platform. In the event of any disagreement or Users do not accept to the terms of this Policy or the Terms of Use of this Digital Platform herein they are advised to forthwith disengage and leave this Digital Platform.


2.      Modification

Notwithstanding anything contained herein or the Terms of Use, Petamiko reserves its right to add, update, change, edit, alter, amend, modify, review, revise, vary or substitute this Policy with or without prior notice.

By using or accessing this Digital Platform, the Users categorically agree to have read and understood this Policy/Terms of Use and acknowledge that they shall be bound by the terms of this Policy/Terms of Use including any addition, updation, change, amendment, revision, modification and substitution. Petamiko reserves its right to terminate the services of any user who do not subscribe or violate the terms of this Policy.


3.      Collection of information

Generally, some of the Services require us to know who you are so that we can best meet your needs. When you access the Services, or through any interaction with us via emails, telephone calls or other correspondence, we may ask you to voluntarily provide us with certain information that personally identifies you or could be used to personally identify you. You hereby consent to the collection of such information by Petamiko. Without prejudice to the generality of the above, information collected by us from you may include (but is not limited to) the following:

-   contact data (such as your email address and phone number);

-   demographic data (such as your gender, your date of birth and your pin code);

-   data regarding your usage of the services and history of the appointments made by or with you through the use of Services;

-   other information that you voluntarily choose to provide to us (such as information shared by you with us through emails or letters.

-   Data of interactions between you and Petamiko / Third Parties on this Digital Platform (which includes chats and video calls)


The information collected from you by Petamiko may constitute ‘personal information’ or ‘sensitive personal data or information’ under the SPI Rules.


4.      Sharing of Information

Petamiko does not disclose or share any information which it collects from Users with Third Party/Parties, save and except those mentioned in this Privacy Policy and, in accordance with its Privacy Policy or as per procedure prescribed by law, or in compliance with legal obligations.

We do not share any Identifiable Personal Information with any individuals, organizations and other companies. User(s) information is securely stored and utmost confidentiality is maintained and may be accessed/used/disseminated by us as per the terms specified herein.


5.      Purpose for which information is collected from User(s)/you

The Information provided by User(s)/you and collected by us on this Digital Platform may be accessed/used/disseminated for the following purposes and the User(s) explicitly consent to the same:

a.  Communicating with the User(s)

b.  Providing the Services contemplated under this Digital Platform

c.   Offering new Services

d. Analytical purposes in anonymous form or as de-identified data and for this purpose we may take assistance of our affiliates and trusted business partners in India or Outside India for research, development, studies, betterment of services, understanding the User(s) Experience, serving the individual needs of the User(s) and improving the overall health delivery services/health outcome of the User(s). Petamiko may disclose aggregated information, but it will never contain Information that will identify a single User.

e.   Obtaining feedback

f. Record their telephonic, Video and chat conversations and/or consultations during their interaction with Vet Consultants and other support staff and Petamiko can use it for legal, training and quality purposes

g.  Customizing User(s) needs and send personalized communications

h.   To send messages including but not limited to emailers, bulk emailers, SMS etc intimating the User(s) about Petamiko’s services, offers and other promotional content. These messages may be sent using various third-party service providers

When User(s) interact with or respond to an email campaign shared by Petamiko, User(s) may be re-directed to third party website(s). The third-party website may collect information about User(s) device, browser, IP address, operating system, interaction with an email etc. The third-party websites may also use cookies or other tracking technologies to identify the behavioral pattern of the User(s).


6.      Processing, Disclosure and Sharing of information collected from the User (s)/you:

A.  Information collected from the User(s) on the Digital Platform forms an essential part of business structure and may be shared/used as described hereinbelow and User(s) hereby consent to the same:


(i)      Other Users

Since our goal is to help Users find Pets for themselves, or find mating/dating partners for their Pets, we need to, of course, share certain information with other Users. However, that information shall not be sensitive personal information, but only the details of your pet such as name, age, breed, photographs, etc. and the location (which shall be the city of Pets’ dwelling). If the interests of both the users matches, then chat facility will be made available to them to connect with each other and share their personal details. The Users can, at their own risk, share their personal information with other Users.

Petamiko shall not be responsible for any such sharing of personal information. However, such chats shall be stored in our database for a stipulated time period for the purpose such as to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of these Terms and/or privacy policy, or as otherwise required law.


(ii)     Third Party Service Provider(s)

Information including but not limited to contact details, email ID will be shared with Third Party Service Provider(s), retailers, logistics service providers, E-mail Service Providers and other providers for providing the Services for the User(s) pursuant to the User(s) requests. While most of these information will be shared especially while facilitating the E-commerce Services, Information with Payment Gateways will be shared for other services as well. Information is likely to be exchanged while fulfilling orders, delivering products, etc. and for sending communications through e-mailers.


(iii)  Analytics Purpose(s),

User(s) Information/data in de-identified form may be used by Petamiko or shared with Third Party(ies) either in India or outside India for Analytical Purposes with advertisers, sponsors, investors, strategic partners, and others in order to improve User(s) experience and to help grow its business.


(iv)  Other Associated Services,

User(s) Information/Data may also be used for providing (a) assistance, (b) effective search results and links (including listings and paid services) and (c) customer experience/service. Petamiko assures that any information exchanged herein shall be in accordance with its Privacy Policy.


(v)    Information required by law,

a.   Petamiko may share the information given by the User(s) if directed by any judicial or a statutory authority or against receipt of judicial or statutory order or to comply with applicable law. Please be assured that no such information will be provided to any Third Party for any commercial purpose in any such way which is contrary to the commitments made under the Privacy Policy.

b. Petamiko may share information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of these Terms and/or privacy policy, or as otherwise required law.


B.  In the event, if there is any information which has to be provided outside the scope of this Privacy Policy, a prior notification and request for consent /approval will be shared with the User(s).


C.   Destruction of Data/Information Supplied by the User(s)/you

Any data/information supplied by the User(s)/you and collected by us shall be securely stored for the duration required under applicable law. In the event any User(s)/you are deleting their account or a User account becomes inactive, the concerned User(s)/you shall have no access to the data/information supplied and collected by us and the same shall be deleted from our servers after the duration for which it is required to be stored.


7.      Editing Information

After User(s) create the account and if there is any change in the Information provided earlier, the User(s) can edit their profile and make necessary modifications. User(s) are solely responsible for the Information provided by them.


8.      Cookie Policy

Cookies are small pieces of text used to store information on web browsers. Cookies are used to store and receive identifiers and other information on computers, phones and other devices. Other technologies, including data we store on your web browser or device, identifiers associated with your device, and other software, are used for similar purposes.

This Digital Platform uses cookies to store certain data (that is not sensitive personal data or information) that is used to provide customized information when the User(s) or Unregistered User(s) returns to the Website. "Cookies" are used to store User(s) or Unregistered User(s) preferences and to track User(s) or Unregistered User(s) trends, so as to enhance their interactive experience and generally improve the website’s services to them. In the course of serving advertisements or optimizing services to its User(s), Petamiko may allow authorized third parties including but not limited Google Inc, E-Mail Service Providers, etc. for services related to analytical and statistical purposes and to place or recognize a unique cookie on the User’s or Unregistered User’s browser.


9.      Creation of User Account on behalf of third party

If any User(s) creates an account on this Digital Platform for and on behalf of any other Party/ third party (other than for his use) like their family member(s)/friend(s) such User(s) acknowledge that they are duly authorized by the other Party/third party to create an account on this Digital Platform by furnishing such details as may be required for availing the Services, In case any User(s) is/are creating account on behalf of a minor, such User(s) acknowledge that they are legally authorized to act on behalf of such minors. User(s) acknowledge that Petamiko shall in no case be held responsible/liable for any third party claims/damages if any arising from any action in this regard.


10. Promotions

With a view to provide better Services Petamiko may send various communications to the User(s) regarding its Products/Services. If the User(s) do not wish to receive such communications they may unsubscribe to such communications as per the procedure set out in those communications.


11. Financial Information

For availing certain Services/Products the User(s) may be required to subscribe/purchase such Services by entering requisite payment details. The payment details are captured by third party service providers and the User(s) are advised to read the terms and conditions of such third party service providers before making any payment. For the purpose of this section it is clarified that the Digital Platform does not collect sensitive personal or security related information like passwords etc., which are totally under encryption. User(s) may note the Third Party Service Providers are not under the direction, supervision and control of Petamiko and Petamiko expressly disclaims any and all liabilities associated, therewith. User(s) are advised to note this while providing their personal or security related information.


12. Access to the Digital Platform

a.      Registered User(s) will have complete access to the Digital Platform

b.  Unregistered User(s) will have restricted access to the Digital Platform

Unregistered User(s) please note that you shall also be bound by the terms of this Policy as well as the Terms of Use of this Digital Platform


13. Third Party Links

Petamiko may provide certain of the Services contemplated under this Digital Platform directly by itself or through third party service providers. This Digital Platform may contain links of such third party service providers and their Digital Platform. Petamiko shall not in any way be responsible for the content, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, the mode of operations of such third party service providers.

User(s) may note the Third Party Service Providers are not under the direction, supervision and control of Petamiko and Petamiko expressly disclaims any and all liabilities associated, therewith, The User(s) are hereby advised to carefully read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy and other relevant documents of such third party service providers/websites as accessing such third party Digital Platform is at the sole risk of the User(s). User(s) may also note that the third party digital platform may collect various types of information of the User(s) and their behavioural patterns. Petamiko definitely conveys to the User(s) that it does not monitor or have any control over the affairs of such third party websites or the contents therein. User(s) are categorically advised to get in touch with the third party digital platform and seek information/clarification about their operations and functioning.



‘User information’ for the purpose of this Policy includes the User’s personally identifiable information including but not limited to name, email address, residential address, phone number, photograph, identity and address proof and other information collected by Petamiko to provide its Services/Products to the User through their Digital Platform. User(s) have the option not to provide any information if they do not intend to avail any Service/Product. If any User(s) are providing information on behalf any legal entity or third party, such User(s) should be authorized to provide the information.



To protect your privacy and security, Petamiko takes steps to verify Users’ identity before granting Users access to accounts, or before Users can make corrections to their information. Users are advised to maintain a strong password to help ensure the security of user accounts.

Petamiko implements high standard security measures to protect User(s) Information from and against unauthorized access. To this effect, Petamiko uses certain, physical, managerial, technical and operational safeguards as per industry standards and established best practices to protect information of Users which is collected by Petamiko.

Notwithstanding the above, User(s) may note that no online platform can fully eliminate the security risks. Petamiko shall take all possible measures to protect the date, security, confidentiality and integrity of the User(s) information from unauthorised access. User(s) may also note that internet where the Digital Platform is hosted is not completely a secure environment, therefore Petamiko does not warrant a 100% security of the User(s) Information/data from being hacked/misused/copied/used unauthorizedly and in such cases User(s) agree not to hold Petamiko responsible for any consequences arising therefrom.

Notwithstanding anything contained in this Policy or elsewhere, Petamiko shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage or misuse of the User Information, if such loss, damage or misuse is attributable to a Force Majeure Event. A "Force Majeure Event" means any event that is beyond the reasonable control of Petamiko and includes, without limitation, fire, flood, explosion, acts of God, civil commotion, strikes, lock outs or industrial action of any kind, riots, insurrection, war, acts of government, power failure, sabotage, computer hacking, unauthorised access to computer data and storage device, system failure, virus, attacks, bugs, computer crashes, breach of security and encryption.



This Policy is to be read in conjunction with and shall be deemed to be part of the Digital Platform Terms of Use.

The User Information resides in Petamiko’s database for a certain period of time even after the User ceases to use or access the Digital Platform and in such cases Petamiko is not be liable for any usage of the User Information after the User ceases to use or access the Digital Platform.

The Users hereby agree, consent and acknowledge that User Information shared by them, collected or collated through the Digital Platform could be stored, processed and handled by Petamiko or through its trusted third party service providers as set out in this Privacy Policy.

Petamiko may avail services of third party service providers for sending e-mail communications to the User(s). The third party email service provider(s) will have access to User(s) information and they will be processing User(s) data and information on Petamiko’s behalf. The third party email service provider(s) service involves their data and placement of cookies and may also contain tracking pixels embedded therein along with other tracking technologies. The User(s) would have the option to enable or disable them. The third party Email service providers also track the open and click activity of the e-mail communications by the User(s).   The Users have the option to unsubscribe from receiving such e-mail communications.

The User should be aware that the User Information or other data, the User provides to the Digital Platform for availing the services or transacting through the Digital Platform could be read, collected, or used by other users or third parties in which case the User Information might be used for sending messages or communications.

The User agrees and acknowledges Petamiko’s right to utilize the User’s posts, contents, information and other personal data for the purpose of providing services through the Digital Platform. The contents on the Digital Platform may contain comments, post and reviews posted by the Users which may be public and searchable on the internet in which case the User’s comments, post reviews and information and personal data provided to the Digital Platform may be viewed by other users and Petamiko cannot guarantee that other users or third parties have not made copies of or used the ideas and information that the User has shared on the Digital Platform.

If User(s) unsubscribe from the Services and again intends to avail/subscribe to the Services, he/she is authorizing Petamiko to send such information as may be required, including but not limited to SMS, emails for enabling the User(s) to continue to avail the Services. User(s) hereby explicitly consent and agree that any request pursuant to this clause will override any opt-out/ override any opt-out unsubscribe request given by them earlier.



In case of any complaints or grievances, the User may contact the Grievance Officer as under:

Udit Arora

B-804, Titanium Square, Patel Society, Jai Ambe Nagar, Thaltej, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380054





The terms and conditions of this Policy shall be governed by Indian Laws and the courts at Bangalore shall only have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes.