Vet Video Consultation

Video Consultation Service offered by Petamiko, allows pet owners to book online video calls with various qualified veterinarians. This consultation service is available for All kinds of animals.

  • A number of veterinarians available on the platform, you can book any vet as per the slots available.
  • You can chat with the concerned vet for 5 days after the consultation for follow up purpose. After that, you can book another consultation to continue.
  • Based on your consultation, auto-generated prescription (medicine name, doses, tests, etc.) will be available on the app. You can download and share the prescription .
  • You can also add and save your medical records and keep them on Petamiko for future reference.
  • Get affordable detailed consultation
  • Your data will be secure with Petamiko
  • No hidden charges
  • Easy payment methods

Just download Petamiko App, go to the Vet Video Consultation feature click the book now button, and choose from the list of available time slots of different veterinarians. Once you booked a consultation, vets will make a video call to consult your pet.

Different kinds of services under vet video consultation include regular treatments, pet wellness plans, diet, and nutritional counseling, pet behavior consultation, pet grooming tips, training advice, vaccination, etc.

Using a vet video consultation platform, you can easily discuss your concerns related to your pet whether it’s about their health, nutrition, behavior, growth, or any other topic at any time with verified vets, that too from the comfort of your home.

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