Petamiko Safety Guidelines

Petamiko is proud to help pet owners to find a perfect match for their furry buddies. However, there are certain vital steps that you must follow while pet dating (both online and offline). Below are some of the key safety tips that may help you to keep your pet dating experience enjoyable and secure, let’s have a look:

Never Send Money or Financial Information

It is advisable, not to respond to any request for sending money. Even if the person claims to be in an emergency, you must avoid sending money or sharing your financial information.

Never Disclose Your Personal Information

You should avoid giving out any personal information about you like bank information, credit card details, your work or home address, your account’s username or password, etc. Disclosing these kinds of information to people can put you in trouble.

Keep Your Conversations on the Platform

Try to keep your conversations on the platform itself. Don’t be in hurry to move the conversation to personal text, email or phone. Moreover, if you find any suspicious user, you can immediately report us about that user.

Try to Know More about Your Pet’s Potential Play Partner or Mating Partner

If you are really looking for a successful play date for your furry friend, make sure to understand the likes and dislikes of your pet. Also, make certain to know the behavior of the potential date (how that pet reacts to other pets) before actually planning for their match-up.

Ask All the Important Questions

Before setting up a play date for your pet, make sure to ask yourself as well as the other pet owner the following important questions:

  • Do both the pets have all their shots?

  • You may feel awkward to ask someone if their pet has been vaccinated, but it is very much critical for the safety of both the pets (whether it’s about a play date or for mating purpose). In case one or both the pets still need some of their shots, you must postpone the play date for a later time.

  • What is the age and sex of other pet?

  • Some pets, especially dogs can be little more aggressive around dogs of the same sex. Therefore, it would be a good idea to set a boy/girl date. Also, some older dogs don’t have the patience for puppies. Just make sure that whatever meet-up you choose, it should be a compatible match.

  • Is the other pet spayed or neutered?

  • Pets, especially dogs that haven’t been altered can result in mounting behavior or aggression. In case of female dogs that are intact, be wary of heat cycles, especially if you have a male dog that hasn’t been neutered yet.

  • What is the play style of other pet?

  • Some pets like dogs and cats have different play styles. For instance, some pets are rambunctious, while others can be reserved and shy. It is advisable to choose a date where the pets have similar play style so as to avoid putting any of the pets in an anxious situation.

Choose Your Pet’s Partner Wisely

It is important to know that a well-matched play pal is usually close in age and size. Therefore, when looking for a play buddy for your pet, make sure that they are quite close in age and size. This may help in avoiding any accidental injury to the smaller pet.

Choose a Perfect Location for Meet-Up

Try to choose a fully-fenced outdoor area or a dog-safe indoor spot when scheduling an introductory play date. It should be large enough to allow for the variety of play styles. Also, remember not to choose a location that belongs to either of the dogs so as to avoid territory issues.

Focus On the Pets

Pet play date is all about the pets having fun. So, instead of engrossing yourself in gossiping with the other pet parents, you must keep an eye over the pets as they romp. This will help to ensure that both pets are continuing to play appropriately. Further, you may probably discover some cool new side of your pet’s personality. It is also important to understand the body language of both the pets as it can greatly help to keep both the pets safe.

End the Session If Pets Aren’t Interested

Even after gathering details about the other pet and finding the perfect location, things may not go as per your plan. There are chances that your pet may not show his interest in hanging out with the other pet may be because of different play style, mismatched personalities, missing ‘spark’ or due to any other reason. In this case, it is better to end the session.

Report Any Suspicious Behavior

You can report about anyone who you find violating our terms of use. Some of the suspicious behaviors that you can report about include:

  • Anyone asking you for transferring money or donations

  • A person sending harassing or offensive messages or emails

  • A person behaving inappropriately during or after meeting in person

  • Fraudulent registration or profiles

  • Spam or solicitation

On the whole, you should always be cautious when you meet anyone online. In case you are not sure about someone, it is advisable not to continue your conversation with that particular person and drop the idea of meeting with them.

All the above mentioned tips can really help you to feel safer and may help you to set a successful date for your furry friend.

If any person found violating the safety guidelines punished under the Indian Penal Code with the relevant sections of violation of terms/guidelines of Petamiko

Note: Petamiko never ask for money in cash/cheque to the any executive/representative although never ask for your username and password. If anyone have this kind of problem reported immediately at or