Tips to Take Care of Your Pet During Winter Season

When the temperature starts dropping and the snow starts to coat the ground outside, it becomes excruciatingly cold, not only for us humans but for our pets too. It is vital to change the pet’s daily routine to keep them safe, comfortable, and happy in the cold months, especially between December to February time.

Taking care of pets during winters is a multi-pronged effort that requires careful planning and preparation.

How to take care of pets during the winter season?

Below mentioned are some of the key tips for keeping pets warm in winter season, have a look:

Wrap Up Your Pet Perfectly:

Like humans, pets also feel cold. Therefore, make sure your furry-buddies are wrapped up warm when going out for a walk.

Nowadays, a wide range of sweaters and jackets are available for cats and dogs in pet shops to choose from. Select the right size and material to keep them warm, cozy, and comfortable when stepping out in the cold.

If you have a fine-coated pet, it is advisable to take extra care and put a warm coat on them to avoid them getting sick.

Avoid Shaving Pet’s Fur:

It is important to note that fur is a natural warmer for pets.

Most dogs and cats are blessed with thick fur that keeps them warm naturally. During extreme cold, you must avoid shaving off their coat.

Also, if you are giving a bath to your pet, don’t take them out immediately for a walk. Let their coat dry out completely first and then you can take your pet out for a walk.

Take Care of Your pets from Frostbite:

A dog’s paws, tails, and ears are most susceptible to frostbite. It is advisable to take your pet out for a walk during the daytime when there is sunlight.

Besides, try to keep your walks short. To take care of your pet’s paws, you can use dog boots that will provide warmth to your dog’s paws. Boots will also help to keep your pet protected from harmful chemicals like deicers.

In some cases, dogs may refuse to wear booties. What you can do is, rinse and towel dry or wipe your pet’s paws immediately after a walk.

Keep Your Pets Active Indoors:

Some pets may not feel comfortable to step out in the cold. In such a case, do not force them out but make certain to occupy them in some indoor activities to keep them engaged and active.

Provide Your Pets With Warm And Cozy Bedding:

Don’t let your pet rest or sleep on the cold floor during winter. The extended contact to the cold floor can make them sick.

In the market, you can find a large variety of beddings and mattresses for pets in assorted shapes and sizes. Get one and see how your pet loves snuggling upon it.

Also, make sure to place the bedding in a warm area near to the place where your pet sleeps every day so that he doesn’t feel unfamiliar.

Keep Your Pets Hydrated:

Assuming that your pet doesn’t need drinking water frequently as it’s cold outside, is absolutely wrong. Just like summers, dogs get dehydrate quickly. If your pet spends more time outdoors, make sure he has access to a water bowl.

Adjust Their Daily Calories:

If your pet is less active in the winter months, make sure you adjust the amount of food you give them accordingly to avoid weight gain.

Cold temperatures may lead to lazy behavior and the need for fewer calories. Depending on the activity level of your pet, you can adjust their calories to ensure a healthy coat and good energy during winters.

In case you are not sure about what is best for your dog and his activity level, you must schedule an appointment with your vet easily using an advanced pet schedule app and get the right consultation to come up with a perfect plan.


Follow all the above-mentioned winter tips for pets and make this season your pet’s best winter ever.