Reasons Why Dogs Eat Poop & How Can You Stop Them?

Reasons Why Dogs Eat Poop & How Can You Stop Them?

We love our pets dearly, and if you own dogs as pets, they certainly become the guiding light and a truly faithful friend to us. We try our level best to give them the best care, adorn them with fancy accessories, take care of their cleanliness and take them for regular visits to the veterinary doctor.

We also make sure that they eat good, play enough, and stay in good health.

But, have you ever caught your dog eating poop?

Sounds weird, right?

Well, nothing to be bothered about as it is quite normal. There is even a scientific term used to categorize dogs eating poop, which is, coprophagia.

You love snuggling and playing with your furry buddy, but you may find it sickening to watch your dog eating its own or another dog’s faeces. The reasons could be behavioural or medical and even lack of absorption of proper nutrients that lead to coprophagia.

The reasons could be as listed below:

Not getting enough nutrition or because of poor quality food: If your dog is not properly fed, it might turn to eat poop.

Anxiety: Your dog may be facing anxiety which could be due to its separation from the owner or the ones who play and spend time with the pet on a daily basis. The dogs also fear confinement and become anxious.

They are sick: Check for the symptoms in dogs like behavioural changes, weight fluctuations, vomiting, diarrhoea, inactivity, dullness, etc.

They just want attention: Of late, if you’ve not been spending enough time with your dogs, they may start eating poop. So, don’t go over the top, they just need your attention. Once they are properly attended to, they may get over the urge of eating poop quickly.

However, the dogs eating poop cannot go on and on because, Ugh! This pastime can not be considered absolute for your furry buddy, in any case.

So, how to stop dog from eating poop?

Well, there are a lot of things that you can do to avoid this. First and foremost is that your pet dogs must be playful and indulge in physical activities throughout the day so that they remain active and don’t tend to eat poop.

Make sure that you take out time for them, take them for a walk and socialize. These things help eliminate the causes like loneliness, fear of confinement and attention-seeking in dogs. Even after, if your pet dogs are showing abnormal behaviour then it is recommended that you consult a veterinarian.

Remember that your pet seeks love and want to be attended to. Try creating an activity area for them, keep it organized with some good toys and training stuff. The area should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Always find ways to distract your dog from eating poop. In extreme cases, you can also take the help of tools like dog chews or field masks, which are easily available in the market.

Nowadays, the availability of dog apps for free has made it even easier to own and keep dogs as pets.

The apps for dogs have all the detailed information as to what to feed them, what should be their timetable, what activities they should perform, how often they should be taken for a walk, their basic behaviour, the nearby veterinarians.

Apart from these, they also provide information on the events that are organized specially for dog and dog lovers like fashion shows or ramp walks.


For certain species of animals, it is essential to eat the faecal matter to take some nutrients and to flourish. However, it is not essential for the species of dogs to do so. But you find them indulging in such habits at certain canine stages of their life.

Well, nothing to be bothered about. The best way can only be through proper training and working on your furry buddy to make it understand what to eat and what not to eat.

After all, the dogs never want the petting and cuddling to end.