Does Your Pet Need A Regular Vet Checkup?

Does Your Pet Need A Regular Vet Checkup?

If you are a pet owner, you must know that regular checkups are essential for pets to keep them healthy.

However, how often they should be taken to a vet is the key question that most pet owners have in their minds. Well, the answer depends on the life stage of the pet.

Yes, even if your pet appears to be healthy, bringing your pet to a vet at least once a year helps to carry out a thorough evaluation of your pet's health, which is good for the pet’s overall health and wellness.

Nowadays, due to busy schedules, pet owners often forget to take their pets to a vet on time.

With the use of a good pet care app, pet owners can set reminders for a vet appointment. You can easily find a lot of apps related to pets available online that provide assorted pet-related services. These apps can prove to be really helpful for pet owners in taking care of each and every key requirement of their pets.

Below mentioned are the life stages of a pet with reasons why you need to visit a vet for a checkup, have a look:

From Birth to 1 Year:

Whether it’s a kitten or a puppy, you must bring your furry buddy in for vaccination every 3 to 4 weeks until they turn 16 weeks old.

Some of the most important tests for cats include tests for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus. Vaccination is also required to keep them protected from severe diseases.

For dogs, they will get shots for rabies, distemper-parvo, and various other diseases. They may also need vaccination for protection against health issues like influenza, kennel cough, and Lyme disease.

At this stage, your pet may also require medication for heartworm and flea- and tick prevention. You can take the help of a pet medication reminder app so that you don't miss out on giving medications to your pet on time.

During a vet visit, the vet will thoroughly examine your pet to ascertain how well they are growing, and if there are any signs of illness. The vet will check your pet again at around 6 months when they need to be neutered.

The vet will also see how training, socializing, and various other things are going on.

From 1 Year to 7-10 Years:

Vets usually recommend yearly checkups depending on the type of pet and breed.

A healthy pet only needs an annual physical examination. Depending on the breed,dogs from 1 to 10 years of age are considered to be adults.

During this stage, your pet will be given all the necessary booster shots including distemper-parvo and rabies booster shots. The shot is given during the first yearly checkup and is usually given every 3 years after that. The vet may also administer a series of tests, from heartworm to fecal, depending on the condition of the pet.

Other vaccines that are generally given to dogs at this stage include vaccines for prevention against kennel cough. Cats are given feline leukemia vaccines.

From 7 to 10 Years and Older:

Dogs over 7 years of age are considered senior dogs.

Senior dogs are more prone to health issues, thus they require at least two checkups per year.

Frequent checkups help to detect any health-related problem at an early stage. In case you notice any changes in your pet’s habit, you must talk about this to the vet as he/she can suggest the most appropriate diet and exercise for your aging pet.

Blood and urine tests are generally required by the vet to determine your pet's kidney and liver health, thyroid hormone levels, and more.

Moreover, vaccinations and a thorough physical examination are also performed as and when required.


If you are not able to take your pet to a vet for any reason, you can opt for an online vet consultation service.

These days, many consultation services for pets are available online where you can get in touch with a certified vet who can provide immediate, personalized, and expert answers to your concerns.

So, whether you are taking online consultation for your pet or taking your pet directly to a vet, regular checkups are necessary to keep them healthy, active, and full of life.