A Complete Guide For Dog Paws Care

A Complete Guide For Dog Paws Care

Paw pads are made of smooth, pigmented skin, covering a thick grouping of fat and tissue. The surface texture of a pet’s paws is usually based on an animal’s environment.

Pets who are exposed to rough surfaces often have tough paws, whereas, pets who are always on smooth, soft surfaces have more smooth and sensitive paws.

Paw pads perform several amazing functions for dogs and cats. Some of the key functions of paw pads include:

  • They serve as shock absorbents
  • They work as a cushion against stress in the bones and joints
  • They provide insulation
  • They protect pets, especially pups as they walk on rough surfaces

Though paw pads serve several functions, they can still bump into problems that may bring pain and discomfort to your pet. It’s pretty unfortunate that most pet owners don’t pay proper attention to their pup’s paw pad health.

If you don’t know or are not aware of how to protect dog's paws and keep them healthy, here are some of the key tips that might help you in keeping your pet’s paw pads in good condition:

Do Timely Inspection and Cleaning:

It is important to inspect and clean your pet’s paws on a frequent basis.

Whenever you take your pet for a bath, make sure to take out a little extra time, and thoroughly inspect your pet’s pads. If you found any dirt, embedded rocks, small pebbles, or anything troublesome, clean it immediately to prevent any worst condition like pain, cuts, or scrapes.

Cleaning is essential because your pet walks barefoot and chances are more that he steps in some gross stuff, which may cause bacterial or fungal infection in the paws. Moreover, if your paw pads have calluses or cracking, it is a sign that your pet’s paws need moisture.

Do Proper Hydration of Your Pet’s Paws:

Many people often ignore the importance of properly maintaining and hydrating their pet’s paws. As pets walk barefoot, they may develop tough calluses on their paw pads, in case they are not moisturized regularly. If ignored, these calluses may lead to severe pain and various other problems.

Nowadays, so many products are available in the market that helps to keep your pet’s paws hydrated and moisturized. Just make sure that whatever product you are using is made up of natural ingredients and is completely safe to use.

Give Regular Paw Massage:

Yes, massage plays an important role in a dog paw care routine. However, make sure that your pet is fully comfortable and non-defensive while having his/her paws touched. Many pets become snappy and violent when it comes time for a home claw trimming.

To make claw trimming a non-stressful process, it’s vital to make sure that your pet is trained from a very young age to have his or her paws touched. The paw massage technique can help to turn trim time into relaxation time, saving your pet a lot of anxiety and you a lot of money.

Paw Care During Summer:

When taking your pet out for a walk during summers, make certain to avoid walking them on black pavement. The black color absorbs heat faster thus the black pavement can be dangerous for any exposed skin, especially for the pet’s paws. Direct contact can cause burns and discomfort in pets. So, avoid walking or running with your dog on the black pavement during the hottest part of a summer day.

You can also apply some good products before taking your pets for a walk in the summer. This will help in preventing the pet’s paws from the bad condition and also keep them conditioned and hydrated.

Paw Care During Winter:

During winters, direct contact with frozen ground, ice, snow, and salt can cause significant damage to the outermost layers of the paws. Road salt, in particular, causes chaos on your pet’s poor paws.

In many countries, road salt is combined with anti-freezing and melting agents that are poisonous if ingested. Some of the key signs of salt poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, drooling, seizures, coma, or even death.

Other than this, frostbite in winters is another important concern for the pet’s overall health including paws. The accumulation of ice in and around your pet’s paws can be very painful. Therefore, dog paw care during the winter is extremely important. Boots or booties for pets can help in protecting their pets to a great extent.


All the above-mentioned tips can help pet owners to take care of their pet’s paws in an efficient manner.

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