5 Important Tips to Keep Your Furry Buddy Cool this Summer

5 Important Tips to Keep Your Furry Buddy Cool this Summer

“Animals are sentient, intelligent, perceptive, funny and entertaining. We owe them a duty of care as we do to children”. – Michael Morpurgo

Yes, pets are a big responsibility and they need to be care for as we do to our children. Pet lovers who love their pet unconditionally understand the bond between humans and animals and would be ready to do everything to take care of their furry family members. When talking about the changes in weather, especially in summer days, many pet owners worry about how to keep their furry buddy cool during hot days. Well, here are some vital tips to keep your pet cool and healthy during summers, have a look:

Keep your pet hydrated:

During summers, extreme heat can lead to greater water loss, which in turn leads to dehydration among animals causing cells and tissues to overheat. Giving your furry buddy plenty of cool, refreshing water can help to keep their cells hydrated. It also helps to prevent tissues from overheating. On really hot days, you can add a little bit of ice to the water to keep it cool for long. Your furry friend will also find it something fun to play with. Another effective way to keep your pet’s temperature down is to spray some water on their paws and face. This method is really effective in cooling your pet as most pets control their body temperature through their paws and mouth. Therefore, no matter where you go with your furry friend, make sure to carry ample water with you to keep him/her hydrated. A portable water carrier or dog bowl can be a great option to ensure that you will always have water available for your furry buddy.

Get your pet well groomed for summer season:

Grooming plays a key role during the sunny season, especially for dogs with double coats. Keeping your pet properly groomed during the hot summer months not only makes them looking great, but also helps to protect their skin, eyes as well as ears from summer hazards. Shedding excess fur can really help your furry buddy stay cool and hygienic. Majority of dogs require a trim every 6 to 9 weeks. However, dogs with curly or extra-long coats may need to visit the groomer more often.

Keep an eye over the signs of heat stroke:

Extreme temperature can increase the chances of heat stroke. Heat strokes are a great threat especially to pups and senior dogs. Some of the important signs of heat stroke in animals are a fast heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, heavy panting, noticeable uneasiness, too much thirst, dull eyes, dizziness, vomiting, profuse salivation, disorientation, a deep red or purple tongue, and unconsciousness. If you notice any of the signs, take your pet to a cooler place immediately and call your vet. Meanwhile, you can apply ice packs or cold towels to your pet’s head, neck and chest to keep him cool. Also, make sure to give him small amount of water to drink or ice cubes to lick.

Offer some really cool treats to your furry buddy:

Along with giving plenty of refreshing water to your pet, it is also important to offer them some really cool and icy treats. You can prepare some delicious desserts, freeze it and give it to your pet as cool treats.

Adjust your outdoor activities with pets:

Summer days are perhaps the best time to go out and enjoy various outdoor activities. Being a pet owner, you certainly want to include your furry buddy in as many of your summer adventures as you can. However, try to limit the time you spend out in the hot sun with your furry friend. Make sure your pet doesn’t over-exercise in hot weather and have a proper access to shade and water.

Summers with long days and plenty of sun gives us a perfect reason to go outdoors. It is also a great time of year to spend with our pets. All the above mentioned tips can be really helpful to keep your furry and feathery friends cool in summers so that they can get the most fun out in summers.