5 Amazing Benefits of Owning a Pet

5 Amazing Benefits of Owning a Pet

Nowadays, pet ownership has become a trend. Pets are owned for a number of reasons, such as to have a companionship, for safeguarding the household property, or just to enjoy the attractive and playful nature of pets. In this blog, you will get to know about the amazing benefits of pet ownership that you may not be aware of. Pets are undoubtedly outstanding companions, and they have the ability to improve their owner’s quality of life. Some of the incredible benefits of owning a pet can be categorized as:

  • Emotional benefits
  • Health benefits

On an emotional level, owning a pet can help in the following manners:

Decrease depression:

When you have a pet to care for, you will feel more needed and wanted. The act of caring for another living thing provides a sense of purpose and meaning, which in turn helps to reduce depression and loneliness. Pets help their owners to become more mindful by bringing their attention to the present moment. Playing and interacting with pets distract owners from what’s bothering them and thus decreases depression. On the whole, pets not only help their owners to manage their illness and everyday life by providing a strong sense of identity, self-worth, and meaning but also offer a valuable contribution to their mental health.

Stress and anxiety:

Various studies around pets and mental health have proven that owning pets and playing with them helps to reduce stress-related hormones to a great level. Playing with pets like dogs and cats increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine. These are hormones that help to relax and calm the nervous system. People experience less stress by simply interacting with their pets. Interacting with pet releases oxytocin (a chemical) in the body, which further aids in reducing the stress naturally. Touch and movement are two another healthy ways to manage stress quickly. Studies have even shown that pets, especially dogs can help in calming hyperactive or aggressive children. Therefore, owning a pet is really useful especially for people who are suffering from stress and anxiety.

Further, health-wise, owning a pet can help to:

Lower blood pressure:

Having a pet can also help to lower blood pressure, especially in hypertensive or high-risk patients. Studies have found that people having pets usually have lower blood pressure in worrying or traumatic situations as compared to those without pets. In fact, stroking a pet can lower blood pressure and help to make their owner feel calmer and less stressed quickly.

Improve immunity:

Pets, particularly dogs work like probiotics. They help their owners develop healthy bacteria colonies which in turn boost their immune system. This further aids in making pet owners getting less ill. It would be interesting to know that living with a dog or cat during the first year of life not only cuts the chances of having pet allergies in childhood and later on but also lowers the risk of asthma. Living with a pet as a child also helps to boost the immune system. In fact, just a short pet encounter can stimulate your disease-defense system.

Reduces the possibility of heart attack and stroke:

Having a pet can also help to improve heart health. Studies suggest that owning a pet; especially dog can help decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. As mentioned above that pets helps to reduce blood pressure, this in turn, may help to lower the owner’s risk of heart disease, stroke, and premature death. Even the American Heart Association has stated that pets, mainly dogs, may help decrease the owner’s risk of heart disease.

So, these are some of the key benefits of owning pets. One important thing to keep in mind is whether you choose a pet that has paws, fins or wings, make certain to take full care of your pet and provide them with all the required necessities. After you have made an important decision to get a pet, it is equally important to love them up as often as possible. Therefore, don’t forget to spend quality time with your pets.