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At Petamiko, we strive hard and work conscientiously to make certain that the pets and their owners have everything they need, on a single platform.

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Amiko Arora - Inspiration of Petamiko

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Hi Guys, Myself “Amiko Arora”, Founder of Petamiko. My official name is Amiko. I am 2 years old now and I love my Mom and Dad and they love me right back.

They take care of me a lot and ensure that I get everything that I need, on time (including my vaccinations, Saloon sessions, treats, etc. I love eating, sleeping, playing (especially in the garden with kids), and spending time with my mom, dad, and those who love me.

The key idea behind building this App is to help furry buddies like me to find their perfect partners. Though my parents love me a lot and try to give me enough time, however, I understand it is quite difficult for them to handle various things in their hectic life schedule.

Sometimes, they can’t spend quality time with me as they are too busy. To overcome my boredom, I got an idea of finding a new friend for me who is also feeling bored and looking for a partner.

In order to make my parent’s task (of finding a friend for me) easier, I decided to build a App that can be of great help for all furry buddies who are searching for a perfect partner for them. So that’s how Petamiko App came into existence.

It’s our mission to provide the best quality health and wellness services for pets. That’s why we have designed each and every service to help thousands of pets and their owners throughout the world.

Started our journey in the year 2019, Petamiko is a App that is completely dedicated towards serving the assorted needs and requirements of all kinds of animals.

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Match Making

Adopt a pet or place your pet for adoption!

Vet Video Consultation

Consult on video with various qualified vets/ pet specialists!

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Set routines and important schedules for your furry buddies on the go!

Pet Adoption

Adopt a pet or place your pet for adoption!